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The pay for physicians and surgeons are among the highest of any occupations according to a recent survey. In 2012 physicians who practiced primary care earned an average annual pay of $220,942 and physicians who had their practice in medical specialties received an average annual pay of $396,233.

The growth of the employment of physicians and surgeons is expected to grow 18 percent from 2012 to 2022, and this is faster than the average for any occupation. This large growth rate is going to occur due to an unprecedented expansion of the healthcare system and accompanying businesses. So it is safe to say that physician jobs for surgeons are really in demand.

There is going to be an even more heightened demand in physician jobs for surgeons because many surgeons specialize, not just in general surgery, but in specialty areas. Orthopedic surgery, neurological surgery, cardiovascular surgery, urological surgery, and plastic surgery are some of the specialties involved.

Surgeons and Physician Jobs

Many physicians and surgeons work in groups, healthcare organizations and hospitals where they share a large number of patients with other professionals in many cross sections of medicine. The group practice model allows them more time off, and allows a lot more care coordination, but they have less independence than practitioners that operate on a solo basis enjoy.

Even though some advances in technology may allow more treatment of patients at one time, the surgeon can only operate on one person at a time, so the demand for good, competent surgeons will continue to grow. While nurse practitioners and physicians assistants can perform much of the routine work, the physician jobs for surgeons are in demand still.

Yes, there will likely be some adjustment in the way of reimbursement to medical professionals, the new health legislation will bring countless numbers of new people in the system, accelerating the need for more physicians and surgeons.

Jobs for Doctors

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