As the nation’s trend setter in permanent physician placement MDMsearch specializes in moving physicians to a clients quickly and cost effectively using a proven placement model.

This dynamic partnering of “consultation” with “technological search” uses specific tools to ensure your search is matched quickly and correctly every time. You can rest assured that when working with us we will connect you with the right opportunities! View State Licensing Boards

MDMsearch has both permanent and temporary positions available

Physician candidates of MDMsearch will find a friendly, experienced and professional Consultant who will listen to your needs and work diligently to match the right location with your skillset and desires.

MDM’s Consultants go much more in depth than most firms and will provide details of the position that can only come from our on-site due diligence. We then relay this in-depth information via email and conversation to allay any concerns. We also facilitate introductory contact with our clients and send out calendar invites to ensure timeliness. MDM’s Consultants will also inform you that all travel and interview related logistics and expenses are handled and paid in advance by our organization. We even stay involved into the negotiations to assist you in making a good, timely decision!

We are the only company that provides you an “Interview Tips” list to make sure you are ready and informed prior to your interview. Consider the following:

  • MDM conducts an on-site profile of every position. This allows us to provide accurate and valuable information about the position and community
  • MDM will coordinate your contact with the client and send you an invite as a reminder
  • MDM will handle the logistics of your travel and pre-pay all interview related costs!
  • MDM will communicate honestly and timely so you do not miss out on an excellent new position
  • MDM will provide interview tips prior to your interview and ensure you have everything needed to proceed confidently.

With MDM you can relax and leave the details to us! Register as an Applicant to see our Job openings now!

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