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It is quite clear that quality healthcare starts with quality physicians. Finding the best physicians starts with a Dr. Recruiting Service. As one of the nation’s top recruiter of Board-certified physicians, MDMsearch has unmatched experience in finding, qualifying, enrolling and retaining outstanding clinicians.

Physician’s recruiting services first came on the scene in the mid-1970s to help different medical organizations in placing excellent, passionate physicians. Medical organizations were searching for expert recruiting services since most of their own human resource departments lacked the experience and efficiency wanted to find and place the most suitable candidates. Since then, these search firms have increased significantly and now number in hundreds.

Physician recruiting services assist a broad range of medical organizations such as QHRs, medical groups, hospitals, and managed care companies. Simultaneously, they also help physicians in finding permanent job opportunities.

By linking medical organizations with the doctors, physician search firms act as great intermediaries and offer vital consulting services. They can focus on one specific specialty or region or take in across the United States and all specialties. Physicians search firms ultimately work for the clients. Therefore, a doctor shouldn’t pay for using their services.

Medical facilities usually seek the expertise of a physician recruiting firm since they don’t want to lose the current patient base because of the unexpected vacancies. Also, they’ll often reach out to the physician search firms to find in-demand experts.

Other advantages of using physician recruitment firms are the time saving and effective benefits of advertising campaigns and advanced marketing, extensive research work and screening, and one-on-one selling techniques which several medical groups and hospitals cannot execute.

Types of Physician Recruitment Services

Physician recruitment services come in all sizes and shapes. Therefore, what are the available types and how does each operate? While there are several combinations and variations, these firms are generally divided into two main groups:

· Retained Search Firms

· Contingency Search Firms

Whether retained or contingency, every recruitment company will vary based on its level of experience and professionalism. A perfect place to begin when seriously considering a search firm would be with the National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR) that has an appropriate list of over 200 physician recruitment members who must follow stringent industry standards.

When Should You Use A Physician Recruitment Service?

1. Market Knowledge

An experienced and professional physician recruitment service will work with well more than fifty health care organizations in their career in many practice setups and many cities.

If you’ve been out of the job marketplace or you’re a new physician for a while, the perfect way to learn about the current hiring trends for your specialty is to work with a physician recruitment firm such as MDMsearch.

Most knowledgeable and qualified recruitment firms will offer this information to you free of charge – including sample employment agreements, compensation surveys, and general consultation.

2. Time to Bring in a Negotiator

Recruitment firms will serve as negotiators for the physicians to get the best offer they deserve. They can even recommend legal advisers and lawyers to review contracts with their candidates.

3. The Secret Vault of Jobs

Most times there are some jobs out there which are just being shared by word of mouth, and until a recruitment firm gets involved, they aren’t being advertised. By using a Dr. recruiting service, healthcare organizations expand their networking find a wider pool of physicians.

Dr. Recruiting Service

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