With changes in the healthcare market, more and more surgeons are looking for salaried jobs to cushion the uncertainty associated with the new reforms in the health care system.

If you’re one of those surgeons who want to get a job, your best bet is by looking for physician jobs for surgeons. What do physicians do? They do everything EXCEPT treat injuries, disease and deformities. It’s their job to examine one patient and look into his or her medical history then prescribe medicines. It’s also their job to order and perform diagnostic tests and interpret the results. They also counsel patients on their diet, hygiene and preventive health care.

Finding physician jobs for surgeons is relatively easy. There are physician placement companies like Merritt Hawkins that helps surgeons and other specialists find jobs at hospitals. According to the company, 64% of its total job placements in 2013 involved hospital jobs, a sharp upward turn from 11% in 2004.

To date, it’s estimated that 50% of surgeons are salaried employees at hospitals, and it’s safe to say that many of them are doing physician job for surgeons.

Of course, Merritt Hawkins is not the only job placement company in the country. In order to increase your chances at getting a job, you should send your resume to hospitals and work with several job placement websites at the same time.

You don’t have to worry about salaries, because hospitals are actually in a bidding frenzy to bring in the best doctors. Attractive employment deals are being offered to physicians, with employment packages that are better than private practice, since they need to form physician networks to qualify for incentives under The Affordable Care Act.

In other words, there are many, many physician jobs for surgeons that still need to be filled.

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