A physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology is called an OBGYN. This is an interesting and challenging medical profession. Obstetricians specialize in treating pregnant women. Their specialty is called pre-natal care. Gynecologists specialize in treating women for conditions involving reproductive health and wellness. It makes good sense to combine these two specialties, and because this is a popular and busy field of medicine, there are always physician jobs for OBGYN.

Even though physician jobs for OBGYN s combine the two specialties of obstetrics and gynecology, terminology used to refer to these specialists can vary. Some people call an OBGYN and O.B. Others may refer to him or her as a gynecologist. You may also see the specialty written in different ways with some people using the acronym OBGYN and others dividing it to read OB/Gyn. All of these references are correct and appropriate.

What does physician jobs for OBGYN entail?

Busy OBGYNs work in the hospital setting and in private practice. Often they split their time down the middle between these two venues. In the office, the OBGYN performs annual and pre-natal checkups, pap smears and sonograms. Some outpatient surgeries are also performed in the office setting.

At the hospital, an OBGYN is called upon to perform a wide variety of gynecological surgeries and to deliver babies, both by vaginal birth and by Cesarean section. An OBGYN usually performs a dozen or more deliveries monthly.

Being an OBGYN can also be very challenging because it is impossible to schedule natural births. For this reason, the doctor must be on call and ready to deliver a baby at all hours of the day and night. This means that OBGYNs often work as much 60 hours a week.

What does it take to become an OBGYN?

There are approximately 250 programs in the US that train in this specialty. It is easy to see that preparing for physician jobs for OBGYN would involve a great deal of schooling and practice to become proficient. It also takes persistence, hard work and dedication. As a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, an OBGYN must have a medical degree and a considerable amount of residency training. This represents an investment of time of around a decade when you consider university, medical school and four years of OBGYN training.

Once the aspiring OBGYN has completed medical school, training and residency, physician jobs for OBGYN abound and there is quite a bit of variety to be had. A qualified OBGYN might choose to subspecialize by continuing to pursue his or her education with an optional fellowship. These are available in the following subspecialties or physician jobs for OBGYN:

* Reproductive Endocrinology

* Maternal Fetal Medicine

* Gynecological Oncology

* Uro-gynecology

* Laborist

How much money do physician jobs for OBGYN make?

Generally speaking, an OBGYN can expect to make approximately $300,000 a year. The amount an OBGYN can earn depends in part upon how the doctor chooses to practice. An OBGYN might work in a clinic or hospital, set up a private practice or join a group practice. It is also possible to work for the government or to teach.

Physician jobs for OBGYN are greatly in demand and high paying.It is easy to see that becoming a successful OBGYN would be an excellent way to ensure yourself a great future.


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Physician Jobs for OBGYN

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