Primary Care Physician Jobs

Working in the medical field can be a rewarding career, but primary care physician jobs are also one of the most stable employment choices. With new healthcare reforms requiring everyone to have insurance, the number of primary care physician jobs has increased.  Though you can choose to be a general practitioner, these are some of the specialist areas which you may choose to pursue.

Primary Care Physician Jobs

Internal Medicine Physician

One of the most common areas with a demand for primary care physician jobs is internal medicine. Physicians who work in this field tend to cover a broad scope of medicine in patients of adult age, which might include: disease prevention, serious illness, chronic conditions and general health. This makes it a great career choice for anyone who enjoys the idea of diagnosis and dealing with a wide range of patient problems.

An intern will be expected to complete a hospital based residency program. Some physicians may then choose to undertake further training and study a specialty.


Their specialty is treating children and adolescents under the age of 18. It takes 11 years to become fully qualified for the role, which includes a minimum of 3 years of fellowship training in their specialist area.

Family Medicine Physician

The role of a family medicine physician is similar to practitioners in internal medicine. The key difference is that their three year residency tends to be in a clinic rather than a hospital, and they will treat patients of all ages. In areas with small populations and less health care facilities, a family physician may be trained to offer additional services such as obstetrics.

Physician Assistant

Qualifying for primary care physician jobs takes over a decade of training. This entails a huge amount of money and dedication. Therefore, many people choose a career as a physician assistant instead because it requires a shorter period of clinical training, but still offers a rewarding and highly skilled career. In some states, it is legally for a physician assistant to both prescribe medicines and practice independently. Primary care areas they can operate in includes internal medicine, pediatrics and family care.

Industry experts predict that there will soon be shortage of physicians working in primary care. If you are interested in studying medicine, then these primary care physician jobs can offer a lot of satisfaction and a stable career for life. If you need assistance in finding the perfect position among the primary care physician jobs, contact MDM Search today.

Primary Care Physician Jobs

Primary Care Physician Jobs

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