The family doctor may have one of the hardest jobs in the world. The hours are long, the pay is not as high as you might think, when you factor in the expenses of buildings, equipment and the well trained help that it takes to run a competent practice.

The hours that a doctor spends are killer hours, and that is probably why most doctors die younger than many of their contemporaries. It is a fact that primary care physician jobs are opening up all over the place, especially in the rural areas of the country.

Another fact however, is that being a family doctor is not where the money is. Being a specialist is where all the wealth is being accumulated, probably at the expense of fewer doctors desiring to go into private practice. A primary card doctor will tell you that being a family doctor is a calling, and that is why you will see so many down and out folks receiving free medical care.

The rigor of simply going through medical school and residency is strenuous enough, but the real work is in the practice itself. The daily grind of seeing 40 to 60 patients a day, plus making hospital rounds and doing consults on the phone would make any normal person quit in a heartbeat, but good doctors thrive on a schedule like that.

This is why communities are clamoring for more doctors and primary care physician jobs are on the lips of every medical recruiter. With the passage of the new Affordable Care Act, we are going to see more people entering the ranks of Obamacare, and that alone is driving the need for primary care physician jobs appearing in nearly every community. At the present time there are plenty of new doctors coming on the scene, but the question

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