Physician Recruiter

Are you looking for physicians to hire? Maybe you should work with a reputable physician recruitment firm like MDMSearch, Buford, GA. But, you may ask yourself – do I need a physician recruiter to help me get the best physicians?

After all, the abundance of job prospects and job security issues are rarely top concerns for physicians. However, today’s increasingly competitive environment has made several healthcare organizations to outsource their physician recruitment services entirely.

While some organizations have an in-house physician recruitment department, only one or two individuals run that department. Their role is to direct the activities of a candidate once onsite, as well as orienting the candidates who accept the available positions.

Without further ado, we would like to share with you four key reasons why you should engage a Physician Recruiter:

1. Highly Qualified Candidates

At MDMSearch, Buford, GA, we pre-screen all the candidates to ensure that they meet the parameters that you set and your corporate culture. We conduct intensive background checks to get to know more about the candidates.

Also, we can coordinate candidate’s itineraries and travel, and, occasionally, negotiate the contract of a candidate on his or her behalf.

2. Reduced Time-To Fill

If you engage MDMSearch to handle your entire recruitment process or source candidates, rest assured that you will fill the vacant position quickly. We have a pool of passive and active candidates. Once we learn of the vacancy, our team starts approaching them as soon as possible. MDMSearch, Buford, GA is devoted full-time to the search of physicians that meet your requirements. We can use a plethora of resources to notify and attract both active and passive candidates.

3. Better Use Of Internal HR Resources

Within the time allocated for physician recruitment, there are thirteen different tasks, which range from sourcing research (estimated to take 25 percent of the time a staff devotes to the recruitment) to advertising, tele-prospecting, and more.

Resources and time are often at stake, and a physician recruiter has the expertise to manage these thirteen tasks to identify, screen and present the candidates. In-house physician recruiters can convey corporate and community culture benefits effectively, they simply lack resources and time to source qualified passive and active candidates for competitive advantage and premium recruitment agency.

4. Market Knowledge

Sourcing, recruiting, negotiating, etc. are some of the things that MDMsearch do for several healthcare organizations in Georgia. As a highly experienced physician recruiter GA, we bring cumulative knowledge to the table, and you will benefit a lot from it. From the great ideas for well-thought incentive packages to industry-specific ways of sourcing candidates with a well-defined skill set, physician recruitment firms offer you a huge competitive advantage – just through experience and market knowledge.

Many healthcare facilities are now engaging physician recruitment firms such as MDMsearch since they’ve realized that these physician recruiters can reduce the time-to-hire by up to 43 percent, produce more qualified, pre-screened active and passive candidates and improve retention rates.

MDMSearch is the nation’s trendsetter in physician recruitment, and we specialize in linking physicians to healthcare organizations cost-effectively and quickly using a well-designed, proven placement model. If you want to know more about our services, call us today 1 (888) 800-3806 or fill out our online contact form.

Physician Recruiter

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