The rollout of Obamacare was supposed to bring a ton of jobs to the medical community. Stats are beginning to show that there is an uptick, but Primary Care physician jobs are not as plentiful on the surface as many expected.

If you’re a trained physician looking to get your first job, then here are some things you can do to “smoke them out”.

Network, Network, Network

Some of the best Primary Care physician jobs are never posted on job boards or advertised in the classifieds. Primary Care offices don’t want any Tom or Mary walking in thinking that they should get a job with their fast food resume! You have to connect with doctors that you know, worked with or learned under to see where the openings actually are.

Brush Up On That Resume

The thing that knocks most people out of the running for Primary Care physician jobs is the fact that they don’t know how to adequately sell themselves. If you aren’t the one that is presenting yourself as the most prepared and professional option then there is a problem. You can’t control who else applies or interviews, but you can control whether or not you outwork them.

Go To Places That Aren’t Hiring

No one is willing to try this, and that is why unemployment is the way that it is. If you believe in your skills and that you would succeed as a primary care physician, then go CREATE a job for yourself. People think that this means you create a position out of thin air: this isn’t true. You merely sell yourself in a way that makes a practice realize that you are worth INVESTING in for the future.

The jobs are out there for you to take, so long as you’re willing. Time to stop reading and start taking action!

Jobs for Doctors

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