With the inauguration of the Affordable Care Act the primary care physician jobs search is shifting focus. Increasing numbers of doctors are considering employment within a hospital setting rather than in a primary care practice. Weighing the benefits and the deficits, many medical practitioners feel that this is an increasingly good choice.

Primary Care Physician Jobs In Hospitals Provides Security

With changing pay rates, doctors who make the move to a hospital are assured that they will be paid. As practices work through the new paperwork, it can be difficult to keep the business afloat. Patients are changing doctors as they shift to their new policies and a secure income from a private practice is no longer a given.

Hospitals Provide Malpractice Insurance

When the physician becomes an employee, he or she is no longer responsible for paying their own malpractice insurance. This cost is absorbed by the employer, in this case, the hospital. Should there be a problem, the hospital will retain legal advise for their employee. This is a major reduction in expenditures for the physician and allows them to practice their craft without worrying about costs.

Primary Physicians Have Set Hours In A Hospital

Hours are scheduled at the hospital and physicians find that they have more time off to pursue their other interests or spend time with family. Since there is a larger pool of doctors available, they will not have to be on call as often. In-hospital primary care physician jobs range from emergency room work to hospitalists who monitor patient progress during and after treatments such as surgery.

The medical environment is changing. Pooling resources makes sense for medical care to remain affordable with the new insurance changes of the ACA. Many doctors are taking advantage of this new environment and switching to employment instead of independent offices.

Jobs for Doctors

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