What Is a Family Practice Physician?

A family practice physician is that kind of medical professional who is able to treat patients of all ages and can be the perfect solution for families. Residency in family medicine is needed for someone who wants to work as a family doctor. Because the field of work is more general, there is a great variety of health problems and illnesses that are covered. A patient is checked by a family doctor and a treatment can be prescribed after the proper diagnosis is made. When more specific and more severe conditions are uncovered, the patient is sent to a doctor who is a specialist in those types of conditions.

Family medicine is focused on establishing the best possible relations between physicians and families. These relations are usually meant to last. Physicians who work in this field of medicine can diagnose and treat acute and chronic diseases, but they usually follow the routine of preventing diseases and checking all the vital organs of patients to verify their health state. Some practitioners may also provide care for pregnant women and may attend births (they cover a field named obstetrics).

Working Schedule and Money Earned By A Family Practice Physician

A Family practice physician work in a clinic and their services are provided within an office setting. They provide healthcare to all the families who are registered with them, usually working four to five days weekly. Family doctors are not always at the clinic, as they can work in the field sometimes. Also, when there is necessary, they could work weekends and nights. The average number of patients that can be seen every day at the office is more than twenty.

The typical schedule of a family practice physician includes checking patients for cold and flu (and prescribing treatments for these conditions), checking for chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma or heart disease, minor surgical procedures, care for the joints and bones, performing x-rays, care for the eyes and care for the urinary system. Depending on location and number of hours worked, a family practice physician can earn more than 175,000 dollars a year.

How to Become a Family Practice Physician

In order for a person to become a family doctor, the individual must become licensed and certified. These are the requirements: a doctoral degree level in medicine and passing the license and certification exams. In order to be able to take this career path, the primary thing to do is earning a bachelor’s degree, passing the medical college admission exam and finishing medical school. Whenever a person has health-related problems, the family practice physician is the first professional to go to.

Family Practice Physicain

Family Practice Physician


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