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MDMSearch physician recruiting services

With over forty-five years of combined experience and success in the Physician Search and Job Board Marketplace. MDMSearch has combined the ability to move physicians to the client in a fast, cost effective, experienced, professional and thorough model. It is this dynamic partnering of “consultation” with “technological search” which uses specific tools to ensure your search is matched quickly and correctly! Furthermore our “Shared Risk” fee structure demonstrates our belief in this ability! MDMSearch is a full-service retained search firm featuring a “Shared Risk Approach” and NO HOURLY BILLINGS!

To ensure your Physician Recruitment needs are met MDMSearch enlists a three step preliminary process to create peace of mind and get your Physician Search headed in the right direction!

Our Physician Recruiting Services Steps:

Step 1.  Client Confidence Criteria
This weighted, in-depth survey of your present recruitment status will assist you in deciding whether or not you choose to hire MDM Search in order to alleviate your physician-staffing challenges. The results are weighted based upon the most important aspects of physician recruitment.

Step 2.  Process Review
An experienced Consultant will review the above criteria with you and provide advice on how to move forward. He/she will focus on the items below:

•    Marketability of your needed specialty
•    Physician parameters
•    Salary demands
•    Demographics of the specialty
•    Your present search process

Step 3.  Success Strategy
Once the previous two steps are completed your Consultant will create a Success Strategy utilizing the above information. It is this Success Strategy that will provide you with a go forward plan giving you confidence to move ahead with your search!

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